Aerosol, Sage,
Intent: Unlock

Would it be possible to build a lens that focuses sunlight to melt sand and flux into energy and leave it in the desert to self replicate? The imagination is a fine and beautiful instrument, but we must experiment with it if we want to discover this for ourselves.

Energy work has truly changed my life and I practice for at least 30 minutes to an hour every single day to keep the energy flowing smoothly and to break any blockages in my meridian system. I might be controlling the weather in Turkey. The wind, the clouds, the rain activity, the temperature all reflect my existence. When I'm in somebody's car our speed reflects the smoothness and speed of the flow of my thoughts.

Out of the eater, something to eat. Out of the strong, something sweet. Drawing honey from the lion's carcass corresponds to drawing sweetness from salt, a withdrawal of Ethereum from my crypto wallet, the extraction of treasure from earths crust.

I want to build a campsite for gathering resources. I would drop off wood, stone, and gold. I would go through all of the stages again and again, each time further refining the golden essence within me. This is the meeting between matter and spirit. At this stage I understand that the inner and outer world are not different, but reflections of each other.

Sara Andreasson, Relic Reveal

Sara Andreasson, Relic Reveal/Key Feature

Sara Andreasson, Key Feature/Send Out the Scouts

Sara Andreasson, Send Out the Scouts

Sara Andreasson, Key Feature

Sara Andreasson, Finders Keepers

Hanna Antonsson, Miscibility Gap

Hanna Antonsson, Miscibility Gap: Pigeon on Juice

Hanna Antonsson, Miscibility Gap: Jackdaw on Redbull

Björn Engberg, Untitled

Björn Engberg, Amanita Power Nap

Adam Haugbak, Saltine

Adam Haugbak, Sun Maid

Oscar Häggström, To live until you die

Jenny Johansson, Blueberry Hotspot

Andreas Sandberg, Ethereum Classic/Something Sweet

Andreas Sandberg, Ethereum Classic/Something Sweet, Tail Grab/Something Sweet

Andreas Sandberg, Tail Grab/Something Sweet

Karin Ström, Glaspunkt, Silverord

Karin Ström, Ur Det Sköra Djupet